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For many children, aches, pains and “boo-boos” are a regular part of growing up. But for Teresa T. Shen, L.Ac., they were stepping stones on a path to a fulfilling career. At age 5, Shen suffered from chronic bloody noses. During one of these episodes, her father, an acupuncturist, gently inserted a needle into a spot on her arm. This marked the end of Shen’s nosebleeds—and the beginning of her lifelong fascination with Chinese medicine.

Inspired by her father and amazed by the firsthand...

I had never been an athletic person, so to find an exercise regime that I liked and actually stuck to was a BIG deal. 

It was while I was working in the corporate world as a sales executive I started weekly Pilates classes and really enjoyed it. 

While there were many rewarding aspects of my job, the hours, time away from home (mentally and physically) and the associated red tape took its toll.  It was nearly five years ago around my 40th birthday that I made the decision to retire from the corporate world. I was ready to embark on a new journ...

I lived my life in chronic pain from the age of five. My family and the medical community struggled to understand what was going on. This led to an ever expanding list of diagnoses, including: Allergies, Asthma, Fibromyalgia, GERD, LERD, migraines, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, Tarlov Cyst Disease (a rare spinal cord disease), and many others. The diagnoses were attempts to explain my symptoms. Each came with a list of medications and “To Do & Not Do” lists. However, none of the medications or suggestions “fixed” my symptoms. As soon as one diagnosis wa...

Have you ever wondered why dog and God are the same word in reverse? 

Animals have always been that constant in my life that showed me unconditional love. The feeling of joy spending time with them is interchangeable. The happiness I experience walking or hanging out with my dog is contagious. It is very grounding and elevating at the same time. Grounding because my dog accepts me no matter what and elevating because he is a master at spreading joy. I think he does things intentionally to make me laugh.

Growing up I was blessed to always have animals...

For the longest time I searched for my soul purpose. I wasn't a healer. I didn't make a product. What was I here to contribute to the world? 

With drive and determination, I was going to find my purpose, leaving no stone unturned. And, it ended up being right in front of me the whole time! It's the gift of communication and connecting others at the right time to the information they happen to need. It's serendipitous! I run into 'coincidences' on a daily basis and they just make me smile. 

Here's what I learned along my journe...

Many years ago Functional Medicine

inspired me. And, so much so, I studied it to become a Functional Medicine Practitioner and Clinical Nutritionist. Because these disciplines use detailed evaluations of the whole person and ultimately recommends a lifestyle protocol to maintain the unique biochemistry of each person, I felt like it was “the answer” to healing chronic diseases and ailments. I wanted to help people discover the root of their health issues and heal themselves. Let me share how it works.

Recently a 40-year old woman came to me and was ex...

It's that time of the year when colds, flus and illnesses make their way through workplaces, classrooms and businesses and ultimately our homes.  And, maybe you or someone in your family already experienced the philosophy of germs:  sharing! But this isn't the kind sharing we really want, right? 

To help you stay healthy this season, we asked our team what they reach for when they start to feel run down. Here are our favorite non-medicine cabinet must-haves:

1.  Bee propolis is the first thing I take to boost my immune system. 

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