April Shabazz, Clinical Nutritionist

April Shabazz, Clinical Nutritionist

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    Mrs. Shabazz, Clinical Nutritionist and practitioner of  Natural Health Sciences completed studies at UC Davis and  University of Natural Medicine. Her background and education is in Nutrition, Wellness Cuisine, Herbal Medicine, Functional Medicine and Biochemistry.


    April has been a strong proponent of integrative medicine and "self care" for over 15 years. After suffering from serious gastrointestinal issues that went undiagnosed for nearly 5 years; and for many years watching far too many family members and friends suffer from chronic diseases (diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, etc.), she made a commitment to research and learn as much as possible in order to teach and support others how to navigate the process of health in the most effective way.  She has successfully completed diet and lifestyle protocols which included different alternative therapies. She always will give honest and educated assessment but it is YOU who will drive the success of YOUR journey. She will help you learn and navigate the process based on your personal needs and conditions so that the experience is not stressful and much more efficient to get to the Root of the problem to ensure lasting results.


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    email:  april.inmynature@gmail.com

    call:  925.276.0686