Teresa Shen, L.Ac & CEO Eastern Medical Center

Teresa Shen, L.Ac & CEO Eastern Medical Center


  • About Teresa Shen

    Teresa Shen, L.Ac and CEO Eastern Medical Center is a fourth generation practitioner of Acupuncture and Natural Medicine with a Masters from Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China. She is presently CEO at Eastern Medical Center founded by her father in 1982. She is continuing her father's legacy today.


    Her passion and desire to heal people in a natural way has led her to become such a success in her field, and winner of the Pleasanton's Reader's Choice Award and featured in Diablo Magazine in Women’s Best Of  the Bay Area.


    Shen’s love of the medicine brings her to volunteer her time to Relay for Life, Shiva-Vishnu Temple Non-profit organization, Sandra Wing Foundation for Cancer Survivors, Fibromyalgia and Essential Tremor support groups, as well as speak to local high schools about the benefits of acupuncture and Chinese medicine.


    Award winning Eastern Medical Center provides fast natural pain relief, acute and chronic, by addressing the root cause. Open since 1982 and brining 5,000 years of traditional Chinese healing methods to the East Bay. Call and see how we can help! 


    Stiff Neck

    Back Pain, Shoulder

    Wrist and Joint Pains


    Addiction to Drugs


    Cosmetic Acupuncture

    Sciatica/ Back Pain 

    Frozen Shoulder

    Post Surgical Recovery/ Scar Tissue Removal

    Healthy Fertility

    Golfer’s Elbow


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    Eastern Medical Center 

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