Heidi Steele, Pilates Instructor

Heidi Steele, Pilates Instructor


  • About Heidi

    I am an Instructor at Meadows Method Intuitive Pilates, and was certified in the Balanced Body Program in September of 2017.  I found my inspiration with Pilates after a dear friend told me about it in 2009.  I began attending group classes at a small studio in Pleasanton and fell in love with the practice.  Up until that point, I  had not found a love in any exercise program, so I was thrilled to have found Pilates! After 2 years at the Pleasanton studio, I joined one closer in Downtown Livermore.  It was there that I found my heart being pulled to exploring the idea of teaching what I loved most. All of the instructors were amazing and I wanted what they had.  I retired from the corporate world as a Sales Executive in December of 2012 and it was at that point that I decided to pull the trigger to a new and inspirational career.  After being referred to the Balanced Body Program by an instructor I admire greatly, I made the commitment to pursue getting certified as a Pilates Instructor.  I love the strength I feel in my body all over, especially my abdominal area (core.)   It is not just the major muscle groups that get strong; it is all of them, even the tiny muscles that support the spine.


    Outside of Pilates I enjoy spending my time with my amazing husband, children, family and friends.  Living a life of love, self -acceptance, passion and inspiration is a priority and I work daily to create as much balance and joy as I can.  I also enjoy mind-body-spirit work and practice meditation.


    I take a holistic approach to working with my clients and create the space for them to get their physical bodies strong with safe movement in addition to releasing any energy necessary to have a healthy mind and spirit as well.


    To contact Heidi:

    email:  heidimariesteele@gmail.com

    call:  408.623.6302