Lauren Krause, Founder

Lauren Krause, Founder


  • About Lauren

    Over the years, Lauren Krause has a passion to empower small business owners and professionals to learn how to authentically market and connect with their audiences. After co-leading a holistic mother’s club and running it as a small business, it became the largest chapter in the nation. As an advocate for health and healing, she became a networking resource for the mind-body-spirit circle. She’s continually networking to discover new healing modalities and natural products, and loves sharing her experiences with her new contacts.


    Lauren lives in Livermore, California, and when not with her family, enjoys volunteering her experience for community organizations like the Livermore Valley Education Foundation (LVEF), the Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District and her family’s schools. 


    What Lauren Does:


    As a former marketing consultant, Lauren transformed social media success for a number of businesses and professionals like Innersense Organic Beauty and Kate Mackinnon, and directly contributed to their online proliferation and top line engagement and growth. Her attraction to natural products and energetic healing have made her a central resource for the holistic provider network, which she puts to work for the clients she serves. She currently serves as Director of Marketing for Innersense Organic Beauty.


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