Lia Venet, Transformational Coach

Lia Venet, Transformational Coach


  • About Lia

    Lia Venet is a Women’s Wellness & Empowerment Coach, a connector, a Women’s Circle Facilitator, mother of two children (in college) and happily married for 23 years.  She is passionate about reminding other women to see how amazing and beautiful they are. Lia guides women to their authentic happiness and ultimate wellness in their life whether it’s through her coaching, teaching, providing a safe space in circle or referring them to resources that would be best for them.  She believes strongly in women being their authentic selves, having a flexible perception, having bold strength from a place of love, connecting with others deeply, living life with a little adventure, and practicing gratitude no matter what their life circumstances are.  


    When Lia coaches one-on-one, she teaches women that are frustrated and overwhelmed in their relationships to know how much to give without compromising their loyalty, trust, and time. She guides women to get clear on what they want and how to ask for it as well as to create the support they need and take a stand without guilt. In her coaching packages, Lia provides gentle, guided support, accountability, practical tools, and a safe place to explore what is important for personal wellness and happiness goals. 


    Lia Venet’s Certifications:

    • Holistic Health Coach, CHHC from Institute of Integrative Nutrition in NYC
    • Drugless Practitioner, American Association of Drugless Practitioners, AADP
    • Transformational Mastery Coach, Holistic MBA, using NLP in her coaching
    • Assistant to relationship expert, John Gray (Award winning book, Men are from Mars)


    Most importantly, Lia is a PhD in her own life experiences. She is experienced as a Women’s Circle Facilitator as well as a Workshop Facilitator in topics such as Creating Healthy Boundaries, Navigating and Processing your Emotions with Ease, Setting your goals from your Core Desired Feelings, Calm in the Chaos, Compassion for Yourself, Gratitude, Effective Communication, and Living in Abundance.


    Lia offers the following services:

    • One on one coaching for health, life and empowerment goals
    • Facilitate women’s circles for self-discovery and support
    • Teach workshops for groups in homes or offices
    • Organize retreats for small groups


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