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11 Tips to Stay Healthy

It's that time of the year when colds, flus and illnesses make their way through workplaces, classrooms and businesses and ultimately our homes.  And, maybe you or someone in your family already experienced the philosophy of germs:  sharing! But this isn't the kind sharing we really want, right? 


To help you stay healthy this season, we asked our team what they reach for when they start to feel run down. Here are our favorite non-medicine cabinet must-haves:


1.  Bee propolis is the first thing I take to boost my immune system. 
-- Teresa Shen


2.  I use OnGuard Blend by dōTERRA on my hands once I leave the gym and always have it with me on airplanes.  
-- Janet Myatt 

3.  The wellness formula plus peppermint oil in my diffuser are in a tie so I reach for both.
-- Pam Chumbiero 

4.  Fish oil for both me and my family.
-- Kate Mackinnon 

5.  L-lysine amino acid is a great way to support the immune system.
-- Kathy Lorenz
6.  I use a combination of a bio active plant, golden seal tincture and echinacea. 
-- April Shabazz 

7.  Collodial silver is my personal must-have.  Plus, I give it to my husband and kids, too!
-- Lauren Doko

8. Emergen-C packets are what I reach for first. 
-- Heidi Steele 

9.  I rub Thieves Essential Oil by Young Living on the bottom of my feet & add Lemon Vitality Essential Oil to my morning glass of water to pick me up and get me going.
-- Meghan McGrath 

10.  My go-to immune support is ImmuPower by Young Living Oils. I love the blend of essential oils, especially Frankincense.
-- Jill Mattesich-Udoutch

11.  To support our immune system, our family uses Echinacea suppliments and fresh ginger cooked in warm water, then add a touch of fresh lemon and a little honey.
-- Lia Venet 

Now you know favorite non-medicine cabinet choices from our team.  Ready to give them a try?  Let us know what works for you! 

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