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4 Easy Steps to Discover Your Soul Purpose

For the longest time I searched for my soul purpose. I wasn't a healer. I didn't make a product. What was I here to contribute to the world? 



With drive and determination, I was going to find my purpose, leaving no stone unturned. And, it ended up being right in front of me the whole time! It's the gift of communication and connecting others at the right time to the information they happen to need. It's serendipitous! I run into 'coincidences' on a daily basis and they just make me smile. 


Here's what I learned along my journey to 'discover' my soul purpose and how you can uncover yours in four simple steps: 

1.  Tap Into Your Feelings. 

Pay attention to what brings you great joy and happiness.  You'll recognize this feeling when passion oozes from your pores! Take note of those subjects where you feel that passion.  These subjects will help you identify your purpose. And, the converse is true.  When spending energy in other places it's not meant to be spent, you'll feel tired and drained. You'll want to take note of those areas, too. When you feel depleted, it's a way to gain your attention so you'll make some changes. And trust me, I know old habits die hard! 

2.  Listen.  

That's right.  We all have our own Jiminy Cricket, don't we?  Often times we choose to ignore our inner voice.  The key is listening to our gut intuition. As Jiminy says,"Let your conscious be your guide." It's when we don't listen, we get in some sort of trouble or encounter a challenge. Take some quiet time outside to just "be."  Set an intention or ask a question.  It's this quiet time where magic happens.  See what mini-downloads come your way.


3. Deepen Your Awareness.  

Serendipitous encounters and coincidences are all clues for you. Plus, there are no accidents! With a greater sense of awareness, you'll have guidance to make the right decisions in your life when you recognize synchronicity in your life.

4.  Destiny Cards. 

Another tool I like to use is the Destiny Card system, which is also known as the Cards of Life.  It's an esoteric science based on your birthday. It's a bit like where astrology meets numerology! Each of us has a birth card with certain energies or influences which can help us discover what we're meant to learn in this lifetime. Over the last several years, these cards have brought me incredible insight for my life (including my purpose!). If your curiosity is piqued, check out to find out your birth card (for free!) and learn more about this card system.

The light in your soul is brighter when you're

aligned with your purpose. You're here for a reason. There's only one you with a purpose and unique gifts only you bring to the world.


What is your soul calling you to do?  


Warmly, Lauren x  


Inspired to learn more about Lauren? Click here.

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