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Lessons Our Pets Can Teach Us About Unconditional Love & More

Have you ever wondered why dog and God are the same word in reverse? 


Animals have always been that constant in my life that showed me unconditional love. The feeling of joy spending time with them is interchangeable. The happiness I experience walking or hanging out with my dog is contagious. It is very grounding and elevating at the same time. Grounding because my dog accepts me no matter what and elevating because he is a master at spreading joy. I think he does things intentionally to make me laugh.


Growing up I was blessed to always have animals in my life. I appreciated the diversity of having a grey toy poodle in the younger years and a large white German Sheppard during adolescents. My beloved calico cat Susie was my sleeping companion. I felt well cared for when she was in my presence. My adoration for horses started at a very early age and I collected all types of horse memorabilia, anything from figurines, picture books, how to care for books, novels, magazines, etc. I had read the Walter Farley Series many times over and seen The Black Stallion endlessly. I have the beach scene of Alec Ramsey riding the Black Stallion bareback on the beach etched in my mind with the feelings of total bliss and nirvana. Growing up, I often felt misunderstood, stifled and stuck at home. It was a blessing to totally experience these feelings and aspire for something more. It is by experiencing what I am not that I learned I am fully capable of experiencing what I am.

By 12 years old my parents had conceded to let me get a horse if I wanted to work for it. So, I sold my prized Konica 35mm camera and used the monthly earnings from my paper route to support my dream come true. I was the exuberant owner of a 1/2 Arabian Pinto! Through his gentle large brown eyes, irresistibly soft muzzle, and large physical presence, I discovered true self-acceptance. I learned I am strong and how to trust my own inner truth. Horses provide an awesome sense of clarity and connection. I was honored to have this beautiful teacher in my life as I grew up.

And now I come full circle at age 52 and am the blessed owner of an Arabian Gelding named Joey. I am extremely honored to be working with these majestical creatures again. Horses have the ability to heal by their mere presence. Their profound connection to nature easily allows the flow of spiritual energy. They live in the moment every second of every day. They have no muddy swirl of regret, guilt or deception. Animals are pure in heart and pure in intent. I appreciate their purity of heart and mirroring capabilities, reflecting back the truth of the matter, heightening awareness. Awareness grants us the opportunity to accept what is and change what we would like to change. The choice is ours. I partner with horses in my work to help bring clarity, strength, connection, acceptance and love. Clients are able to integrate and accept new truths about themselves and their reality in a nurturing and abundant environment. I love empowering men, women and kids to new heights.


People are able to change through experiencing life. It’s not just by cognition or intellect that brings lasting change. It is through a visceral, kinesthetic experience that provides the fertile ground for lasting change. Being centered and open hearted in a horses presence is a gift worth giving yourself.


Love and Light, Jill Mattesich-Udoutch


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