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5 Reasons to Fall in Love with Pilates!

I had never been an athletic person, so to find an exercise regime that I liked and actually stuck to was a BIG deal. 

It was while I was working in the corporate world as a sales executive I started weekly Pilates classes and really enjoyed it. 


While there were many rewarding aspects of my job, the hours, time away from home (mentally and physically) and the associated red tape took its toll.  It was nearly five years ago around my 40th birthday that I made the decision to retire from the corporate world. I was ready to embark on a new journey, but what that was going to be was unknown! It simply felt empowering to make this decision to quit my job and be open to what was next!

Once I was a free woman, I increased my Pilates attendance to two times per week. I noticed a fair difference in my core plus my overall strength. I was inspired to add one more day to my weekly commitment. At three Pilates classes per week, I felt an incredible positive change in my strength.  

"Hmmmmm, I thought....maybe teaching Pilates should be my next career?"  

After speaking with one of my favorite instructors, I was convinced that this was the direction for me to go.  In April of 2014 I signed up for the Balanced Body Pilates Instructor Comprehensive Training Program. Three years later here I am preparing to take my certification test! 

My journey on the Pilates circuit continues to be rewarding. I have discovered that it is so much more than getting physically strong. Pilates teaches us to be present in the moment and to honor your body where it is, right here and right now, not where you want it to be, or where it used to be.   Here are five reasons to fall in love with Pilates: 


1. Core Strength: The core (or "inner unit") involves not just the "abs," but 3 other important muscles: The diaphragm, the pelvic floor and the small muscles on the back called multifidi.  We use all 4 core muscles in Pilates to strengthen and mobilize the spine for a healthy posture.  (If you have injuries, Pilates is also a safe place to exercise.)  

2. Balanced Muscle Development: Pilates focuses on working all your muscles, not just the large muscle groups.

3. Focus on the Now: With so much to concentrate on in Pilates, i.e., your form, the positioning of your spine, and the constant cueing of your instructor, you are forced to stay present in the moment.

4. Stretch and Mobilize: Not only are you strengthening your muscles, you also stretch and experience full range of motion exercises to move the body in natural and healthful ways.

5. Amazing Community: Those who are passionate about Pilates and practice regularly create the space for an empowering and caring community!

Now that you're inspired to give Pilates a try, I look forward to hearing about your success!  

In Happiness and Health,

~ Heidi Steele


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