Integrative Counseling


If you’re experiencing one or more patterns in your life that you want to change and haven’t been able to, learn more about the beauty of transformational coaching.    


Many approaches include a one-size-fits-all philosophy.  With transformational coaching, it is designed to support exactly who you are with an approach that resonates with you.  It’s an in-depth and loving journey to explore your heart and soul to identify how you can take the next healthy steps in your life to find inner peace.


Transformational coaching supports an array of situations, such as toxic relationships, job stress, life overwhelm, food cravings and more.  Its goal is to help you feel great in your body


If you want to empower yourself to accomplish your goals and make key changes in your life Transformational Coaching is for you.


Learn about Lia Venet, our Transformational Coach.

Lia Venet, Transformational Coach

Lia Venet, Transformational Coach